Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sheep and Bees

My husband, George, went out one evening to put the sheep in their fold, as we usually do. Normally they are waiting just outside the fold when he comes with the bucket of snacks. This evening they were already inside, very quiet and tense. He thought, "This is a little strange". when our golden retriever, inside the yard gate, began barking furiously. He looked up to see two men going out the gate.

One, he thought, was dressed like a cowboy - white clothing with colorful detailing and having a large hat on his head. A sombrero?? So, George went to talk with them. The "cowboy" was actually a bee keeper and had come to collect bees which were making their home in a fuse box. The large hat was a bee-keeper's hat, covered in the typical mesh. That is why George had not been able to see his face. (He is someone we know.) He asked if they had caught the queen. They had. All the bees were in his special box which he was taking away.

The sheep had not liked the sounds outside - the angry buzzing, two men they did not know - so they had slipped into the fold very quietly.