Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cape Hatteras Memories

In anticipation of our family reunion this summer on the Outer Banks:

When Leslie was 10 months old, we went camping on Cape Hatteras. Near us another family put up a shade over a table. Useless. Too, too much wind. Our tent did not blow down. I guess we had long tent stacks. But i do remember shoring it up sometimes. Dad couldn't come in the tent with his hat on which he was wearing for sun protection: Leslie would scream!

I took Leslie out of the tent only a very little - there was blowing sand & lots of sun. We took her out to see the sunset. Dad went swimming a few times; I also went in the ocean a little. We camped for 3 nights.

Now I will tell you about the piece of driftwood Dad has kept on his dresser ever since The last full day we decided to go rowing on Pamlico Sound. It was somewhat windy. The man was happy to rent his boat, but the woman said, "You are taking your baby out there?!?!" She handed me a blanket to wrap her up. They gave us a few tips - but they were not much. In the channel leading to the sound proper the rowing was quite good - but once we were in the sound, it was nearly impossible. Our boat got stuck in some reeds, & Dad had to get out & push it some. When we got back to the rental place Dad realized that he was missing his wallet. He went back to the reedy place while Leslie & I stayed in the house. Of course we prayed. He came back with his wallet. It had been caught in the piece of driftwood in the reedy area.

We struck camp the next day & stopped to see the Wilber & Orville Wright's museum, the lighthouse, [Which was moved inland some in 1999.] & the airfield. The first place we stayed the night on the way to D.C. to see Aunt Tania & Uncle Matt was in the area where they catch the wild ponies for a census. At Chincoteague, I guess. The owners of the motel & restaurant had helped with the census. The little boy, probably 4 yrs. old, tied various toy trucks to our table legs - his father said that he had done this ever since the pony census.