Saturday, November 08, 2008

Jack Frost at Work - Dec/Jan '08- 09

Have you ever seen Jack Frost.....or, just his work?

When I was only six I stopped believing in Santa Claus. I was already suspicious that year, so I tested my theory. I got my parents to promise they wouldn't eat the snack we left near the fireplace. It was still there in the morning, so I definitely knew.

I myself have never seen fairies in the garden. One daughter wrote down, with a little picture, that she saw a fairy under a mushroom. Her younger sister said that knowing her, she probably did see one.

However, I believed in Jack Frost for a very long time, probably until I was eleven, or so. This is how he looks, and what he does. He works in the winter in cold climates. He always has some brushes to decorate your windows. He's slender, but tall, and moves quickly because I've never actually caught sight of him. Most of his work he does at night, or very, very early in the morning. He wears a pointy hat, and some of his clothes are red and green.

My mother told me about Jack Frost, but neither she nor my father were charmed as I was, because Jack Frost's work takes place when there are air leaks around the windows. My husband had silicon put around all the window frames, so frosty paintings are rarely seen here. An exception is the glassed-in balcony at the top of the stairs. Warm air rises from the furnace room, and warm, moist air rises from the clothes dryer. On frosty mornings I see the elfin painter's artistic creations.. There'll be tall ferns, flowers, perhaps a storybook castle, a frozen white meadow, or maybe a cat. I have not yet seen sheep here! Maybe they are hiding in the meadow.

If you catch Jack Frost at work, please write and tell me.