Tuesday, November 01, 2005

November 2005 - Prague Impressions

Our visitors at the Zamek also visit Prague. I’ve interviewed some, to share memories.

Louel: I’d love to go back to Prague. I really think Cinderella lives there. You know “The Golden Key”, the Peter Sis book you gave our grandson? He can’t get enough of it. When I ask what book he wants he picks that and goes slowly through the wonderfully detailed drawings of the streets of Prague. At first I just talked about the drawings, but lately have been reading him more and more of the text. It brings back my memories of Prague.

Colin: I think of the architecture, the old and the new. There are stillmany cobblestones, and yet there are modern ideas, too, such as the Fred and Ginger building. Prague keeps its old roots while adding new. People were very friendly, and Czechs I’ve met elsewhere are always friendly.

Bonnie: My lasting impression is the roofs. You took me on a walk up the hill to the Prague Castle; we were looking down and around at all theroofs, the lines, the colors.

Sandy: The music, the concerts

Lyn: The artistic-ness of the city, the buildings, the layout of the city.A variety of restaurants, excellent meals, reasonably priced. We stayed at the Ostriches – I loved the antique furniture, but especially being able to walk everywhere and being next to Charles Bridge – yes, we could sleep, it wasn’t too noisy. It was great going to concerts in churches. We enjoyed the trolley to the Hradcany, but kept our fingers crossed that we would know when to get off!!

Caroline: Ohhh, it’s a magical place, far removed from everyday worries. Five or six times while I lived in Prague I ran into people I’d known before; seeing them in this magical place has strengthened my relationship with them.

Edna: I loved the sense of antiquity which Prague has more than other European cities. Walking on Charles Bridge, visiting Prague Castle, being shown around St. Nicholas Church by Aunt Hana and hearing its history. As an artist, I enjoyed very much the Gallery in St. Agnes Cloister. Remember we went to a concert there in St. Barbara’s chapel?

Tim: The progress over the years I’ve visited thrills me. People used to drive rickety trucks and old Skodas. Now the cars are upbeat. The crowds are upbeat. The food is better. Capitalism is working! There’s Opportunity!

Vivian: Magnificent, old, charming. I absolutely loved it.

Sharon: It’s a jewel of a city. It’s very walkable; we walked everywhere. People are very friendly. When we asked for directions, they’d take us there, or find someone who knew the way. Great shopping, great places to eat.

If you are new to Prague perhaps these visitors’ impressions might give you ideas for making your acquaintance with the city. If you have lived here awhile you could be alerted to seeing this ancient/modern milieu anew. Happy exploring!